The Tiger Temple – Is It A Refuge?

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, more commonly known as the Tiger Temple of Thailand has come under immense criticism for allegedly drugging the animals and mis-treating them for monetary gains. This has gained much publicity after Care for the Wild International published a report in June 2008 stating that many of the tigers at the temple were not rescued from poachers but were obtained from illegal tiger farms.

A complete report can be found here.

Also, there is a 7 part video which has clips from various former volunteers and tourists which is evidence that the animals at the temple are ill-treated. You can see these videos below.

Now it’s for you to decide what this really is! In my opinion, with so much human interaction the tigers will never be able to adapt to their natural habitat, which should be the main goal for any conservation effort.

4 thoughts on “The Tiger Temple – Is It A Refuge?

  1. we had been to the tiger temple oct 07 looking at the tigers there, we felt that they were drugged or some other reason for their unnatural behaviour and just to show the visitors and earn money they strongly denied any such things ,even though it has been the efforts of the abbot to take care it is not possible to keep so many tigers and breed them in human care.There should be an international regulatory board monitoring tigers in Thailand and the other parks which display the animals like the millenium theme park in pataya and the area of lions and tigers at the Safari World in Bangkok.

    1. Captain Chandra,
      Thank you for your valuable comment. As you can see in these videos, this is a huge possibility. But like other problems these wild cats face all over the world, this one too is not taken seriously as this has become a huge tourist attraction which means it brings the temple/country money.

      But then again, this is still a speculation and until there is some concrete evidence or some tests are conducted, there is no way to find out if these tigers are actually drugged.

      Like you, I do pray that some action is taken against these people at the earliest, but there’s little we can do but hope and spread awareness about this issue.

      I request you to forward this link to people you know and help me and Project Biwan in our mission to spread awareness about issues pertaining to wildlife and conservation all over the world.

      Thank you for your support.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Shaunak B. Modi

      Project Biwan

      1. Dear Mr Shaunak
        thanks for your reply i will be forwarding the report to many and like minded people who have shown intrest in such issues .

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