The Last Lions of India

2 thoughts on “The Last Lions of India

  1. Shaunak i indeed feel this is great work that u r doing well i guess i know someone in Gir forest who can add on to your support as he to is into saving the lion’s his name is Prem Jetpur he’s got his ancestral property there you can talk to him and see how you guyz can work together i would love to help too as i really want to do something for this majestic king…

  2. Hi Sanober,
    Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s only with support like yours that there actually will be a day when all our efforts put together will make a difference.
    About Prem Jetpur, as surprising as it sounds, I contacted him just yesterday after talking to Mrs. Mickey Jetpur after reading her post on a group wall. If something does come up, I’d be more then happy to help.

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