The 4 Faces of the Bengal Tiger

Displayed for the first time in a specially constructed studio in South Carolina, these images show the four varieties of Bengal tiger.

“There are only four distinct types of Bengal tiger in the world and they are all in this amazing photo shoot,” says Dr Bhagavan Antle of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S), who brought these majestic animals to the studio. Dr Antle believes the images give away the characteristics of behaviour, age and personality of each tiger. “Like human photographs, you can see the difference in their age as some of them look a little more grizzled and haggard than others”

Images: Barry Bland / Barcroft Media | Source:

3 thoughts on “The 4 Faces of the Bengal Tiger

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  2. Only 30 golden tabby tigers – not important. It’s a genetic mutation, obviously, thus the numbers of them are not really representitive for the amount of animals carrying the gene. What actually is the study on?

  3. I am pretty sure that they are more than 30 golden tigers now since it is two years from this article. :]

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