Odisha unveils plan for Chilika lake conservation

Irrawaddy Dolphin
Photo: CRDTKratie | Flickr

The chief minister of Odisha on Saturday unveiled a plan for management and conservation of Chilika lake.

The ‘Management Planning Framework for Chilika Lake’ aims at conserving resources for ecological security and economic improvement of over 2 lakh people dependent on the brackish water lagoon. “Some of the important issues, like controlling the silt flow into the lake through appropriate catchment treatment, should be given utmost priority in the management plan,” said chief minister Naveen Patnaik.

Pointing out that Chilika is home to the rare Irrawaddy dolphins, Patnaik said carefully-planned eco-tourism can create alternate livelihood opportunity for the locals. “Long-term sustainable use of fisheries resources management through promotion of responsible fishery has been given high priority in the plan. Chilika, being a coastal wetland, the climate change issues need to be dealt with appropriately,” he added.

Talking to mediapersons on the sidelines of the event, Dr Anada Tiega, secretary-general, Ramsar Convention, Switzerland, said the Chilika management plan was jointly developed by Wetlands International South Asia and the Chilika Development Authority (CDA) on the recommendation of the Ramsar Advisory Mission.

Tiega said some censors have been deployed in and around the lake to record the changes taking place in the water every 15 minutes due to different climatic conditions. “This world-class monitoring process will help us in devising systems to protect sensitive species in the lake,” Tiega said.

Source: Times of India