Feeding live animals to tigers is China’s version of a success story!

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hina is in the news again and just like most times, it’s not good. Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in Northern China claims to be the world’s most successful centre for breeding Siberian tigers. They claim to have over 500 pure-bred Siberian tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, and black pumas as well as Bengal tigers.

Harbin Siberian Tiger Park is also where tourists can pay to have live animals fed to these tigers. The tourists can order the animal they want to have fed to the tigers by park wardens or in some cases feed them themselves.

There is a Menu Card with prices for each animal which can be fed to the tigers.

One would go to a wildlife park to see these animals in their natural habitat. But instead, here, this solitary big cat is forced to ‘hunt’ for it’s food in packs and live in a small enclosure with other tigers. They’re also constantly teased by the tourists who visit the park.

This sends across a very wrong message about tiger conservation. Where tigers are supposed to be free in the wild, these highly endangered big cats are kept inside small enclosures surrounded by electric fences.

A group of tigers running behind a chicken at Siberian Tiger Park, Harbin, China.

At a time when the world’s tiger population is at such a critical stage, efforts need to be made to secure their wild populations and their natural habitats need to be protected. By feeding these tigers everyday, the chances of them surviving in the wild are now nil.

With the conservation movement in China on the rise, we can only hope that such activities and parks are stopped in the future and instead, efforts are made to re-introduce these animals into their natural habitat.


You can see what exactly goes on at the park in the video below though, it maybe unsuitable for some viewers due it’s graphic nature.