Customs Police find entire tiger skeleton in Czech man’s car

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] trafficker found with an entire tiger skeleton hidden in his car is facing three years in jail in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Customs police had stopped the car for a routine check as it crossed from Russia’s Siberian border.

But after finding a handful of mystery bones in the boot, investigators took the vehicle apart. “What we found astonished us. Hidden around the car was a complete tiger’s skeleton,” said Customs spokesman Vaclav Kansky.

“Piece by piece we found the spine, the skull, leg bones, everything. “The driver told us it was all for personal medicinal use. “We believe he bought the skeleton whole in Siberia where there are still a small number of tigers living in the wild.”

Now the driver is facing charges of illegally trafficking an endangered species.

[alert type=”notice”]Original Story & Photo: Austrian Times[/alert]