We are dependent on the Environment for the most basic/fundamental things such as clean air, fresh water and a stable climate. However, due to the constant economic development in our countries, we often forget the detrimental impact it has on nature.

We need to create a way to balance the needs of people with the needs of nature, and protect it wisely.

The basis of all life on Earth is its bio-diversity – the intricate yet elaborate eco-systems. Sadly, our eco-systems are facing a serious crisis wherein the rate of environmental destruction and extinction of species are at an all-time high, and its escalation poses a serious threat to us, now and in the future.

We aspire to reverse this cycle and help make our planet a better place to live in.


Project Biwan is a to-be-registered conservation organization working to highlight the importance of bio-diversity and nature through education and awareness. Formed in 2009, and functioning from a global bio-diversity hotspot – India, we hope to build awareness about the preservation and protection of wildlife all across the globe.

Our Aim: IMAGE

Inspire: greater interest among the people residing in the natural riches of a country

Motivate: the people to actively participate

Advocate: the cause of wildlife conservation

Generate: wide-spread interest and support for wildlife

Educate: the people about the threats faced by a country’s bio-diversity