2009, A Bad year for Tigers

2009 so far has been a very bad year for tigers in India. According to statistics collected from all over the country, there have been 66 tiger deaths from January 1 to August 16 and 72 till September. Out of these, 23 tigers have become victim to poaching, 43 deaths have been caused by territorial fights, old age, tiger-human conflict, accidents and diseases and the other 6 are unknown. These figures come from a nationwide survey by the Delhi based NGO, Wildlife Protection Society of India.

In the last few months the majority of tiger deaths have been recorded in Uttarakhand (North) and Karnataka (South). There was another incident near the Pataur area in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve where a tigress was found dead possibly poisoned meaning that the problem exists throughout the country and not only in the North as assumed earlier. The Pataur tigress had three young cubs, of which two have been found and rescued and the search for the third is on.… Read More 2009, A Bad year for Tigers


The War on India’s Tigers

Squeezed for space and targeted by poachers, India’s tigers have reached a tipping point. But deep in the world’s most celebrated tiger sanctuary, an unlikely hero has emerged. He’s smart. He’s driven. He’s a God-fearing vegetarian with Jack Bauer tendencies. Too bad wildlife officials hate his guts.

On the morning of his planned raid on the illegal gun maker, Dharmendra Khandal wakes well before sunrise, purifies himself with a ritual bath, and then studies several verses of the Durga Saptashati, one of Hinduism’s holiest books. Given the nature of the war Khandal is waging, it seems an appropriate text. In it, the radiant goddess Durga—“the One who can redeem in situations of utmost distress”—rides on the back of a tiger, her ten arms brandishing weapons and a lotus flower as she hunts down and destroys the demon Mahisasura.… Read More The War on India’s Tigers


The Tiger Temple – Is It A Refuge?

Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, more commonly known as the Tiger Temple of Thailand has come under immense criticism for allegedly drugging the animals and mis-treating them for monetary gains. This has gained much publicity after Care for the Wild International published a report in June 2008 stating that many of the tigers at the temple were not rescued from poachers but were obtained from illegal tiger farms.… Read More The Tiger Temple – Is It A Refuge?