Hell on Earth (Part II)- Hippo Dies in Mumbai Zoo

Just after I wrote about the sorry state of the Mumbai Zoo, it claimed it’s first victim this year, a 5 year old Hippo, Shakti was found dead in the pool. The official reason for the death was stated as respiratory failure. The doctors who performed the post mortem of the animal stated that the death could be because of the high temperatures in the city but there are also a possibility of bacterial infection.

Now there are only 3 hippos left in the Mumbai Zoo, 1 male and 2 female. Zoo officials said that the hippo had stopped eating since Thursday and was not reacting to the medication that they were providing. How much from it is true is still a matter of debate. I would never trust a zoo like this, where the animals get to eat and drink water as and when it is convenient to the zoo officials.

PETA has also threatened to move to the Mumbai High Court if no action is taken to improve the conditions of the cages and enclosures in the zoo. In the meantime, all we can do is hope that people open their eyes to the condition of these animals.… Read More Hell on Earth (Part II)- Hippo Dies in Mumbai Zoo