The Mumbai Zoo: Hell on Earth!

I found a report by P.A.W.S. on the Mumbai Zoo also known as the Jijamata Udyan at Byculla in Mumbai. Though an old one (2006), I looked up pictures on the internet and found that the zoo is still in a sorry state. The animals here seem to be suffering everyday, some injured, some troubled by visitors and others living in small and unhygienic enclosures.

The zoo is managed by the B.M.C. and any animal lover or for that matter anyone with a sane mind will agree that the zoo be shut down and the animals freed from their suffering. There have been regular reports in newspapers about the state the zoo is in but not much has been done about it.

Some of the main problems seen are old, rusty and unsafe enclosures which are often too small for the animals housed in them. Many of the animals are plagued with disorders and diseases mainly skin problems. Some animals like Hyenas who live in packs have been kept in solitary cages leading to boredom and finally resulting in self mutilation. Other animals such as deers and monkeys are also suffer from skin diseases.… Read More The Mumbai Zoo: Hell on Earth!


Are All Tigers Man-Eaters?

Recently, I overheard someone say that all tigers are man-eaters. Though I couldn’t correct them then, I gave it serious thought and realised that many people have this misconception about tigers. Not denying the fact that a tiger will attack a human, but in most cases a tiger will avoid human contact – one because of it’s nature and the also because the humans don’t provide much meat and they like the taste of wild game more. Some have even claimed that the tigers don’t like the taste of the human meat as it has a salty taste (this is debatable).

Usually if a tiger does become a man-eater, there is a reason behind it. It is either because it has become old and the teeth have been worn out and so it can’t kill a wild animal successfully or if it is sick or injured and can not hunt for itself.

However, there are a few tigers, like the ones in the Sunderbans, who have developed the taste for human flesh. It is still a mystery as to why they do this, as these animals are young and healthy. Some say that they protect their territory and others that the salty water that they drink make them irritable.… Read More Are All Tigers Man-Eaters?